Quiz: Business Overview

Welcome to your Quiz: Business Overview

The logo of Clinicea has the following tag line

Select the Colors in the  full Clinicea logo

In 1 sentence describe Clinicea

Given a choice between the following, which is the MOST IMPORTANT client for us

Select which technologies are used by Clinicea Cloud Platform on the Client side

What database does Clinicea Cloud use in the backend

What coding language does Clinicea Cloud use on the server end

What is the unique piece of technology that Clinicea has developed

Select the 3 plans in order of pricing where smallest comes first to highest goes last

Pro does not include

Enterprise, Starter, Pro, pricing in INR is as follows

INR Pricing for Plans is inclusive of taxes

In India a client can pay by the month

Setup Charges are mandatory

Pricing for Enterprise, Pro, Starter in USD per month is

Pricing for Pro is

Pricing for Gold Setup in USD is

Too see the pricing in USD on our website, do as follows

Which is the recommended plan to Clients

If a client has 1 Doctor who takes appointments, 2 therapists, and 4 reception staff, how many full-time users should you charge for

Which are different categories of specialties Clinicea currently supports

Functional medicine is type of

Cardiology is a type of

LHR stands for

Can Clinicea work in Dutch language

Can Clinicea work in French

Aesthetic Medicine is anything that deals with

In Aesthetic medicine, clinic prefers to call patients as

Which of these is a service of a Aesthetic Clinic

How long have guys been in business or been around

If a Client is asking about how long have you been in business he is trying to do

If a client is worried about data security you should

Can Clinicea run on Mac or Linux

What is the limit to the amount of data we can store

What if I exceed my storage limit on Clinicea

Can clinicea run offline without internet and sync later on

Can Clinicea run offline

Pricing for Clinicea Desktop in USD

A new inquiry from website should be responded to ideally within

What are the minimum requirements of Clinicea Cloud

What if a Client wants a Discount

Clinicea is compliant with

Can Clinicea be sold to a hospital

Can Clinicea be sold to a pharmacy shop

Can Clinicea be sold to a Lab or Diagnostics

Can Clinicea demo be given when there are no Doctors present

How much partner commission we offer for sales

Parent company of Clinicea Healthcare is

Parent co: of Clinicea is located in

Primary phone no of the office is +91 33 40621900

NDA should be signed

Clinicea can be used in each of the following setups

To sell EMR in US you need to be compliant with

To sell EMR in Singapore you need to be compliant with

To sell EMR in EU you need to be compliant with