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When you combine multiple investigations to be ordered in 1 click, it is called

The same investigations can be ordered multiple times in a single visit

If there is a code given for investigations in the master,

a. it will appear in the right hand side flyout under mylist
b. it will be searchable by code
c. investigations are searchable by category

You can choose which lab should the ordered investigation be assigned to

A doctor who can order investigations can do so for both Lab and Radiology

Common Investigation Coding system in US

Investigation results can be stored

A radiology investigation will record information in a

A path lab test will record result generally in a

An investigation that has no abnormal parameters

An investigation that has an abnormal parameter

Color of borderline result is

Test result date and Test order date

Abnormal results by default have the flag on

Flag can be manually on for normal results also

You can change parameters of a test result, by adding or removing while entering results, even if you don't have the permission to edit clinical master data

The range of a parameter in a test is fixed

An investigation can be billed

A doctor can see the estimate of investigations and prescriptions and service from inside the bill screen

HCPCS is a subset of CPT

HCPCS codes are used in investigations for billing only

The standard coding for investigation lab results is

In a click, an investigation can be made favorite

Lab and Radiology are together called as

You can create new items, groups and sections

Collected sample can have a reference no

You can record a result before collecting a sample

You can collect sample and record a result before you bill an investigation

In-tray shows investigation results

NAD stands for

If a doctor opens a result from in tray and cancels it, it means

When opening a result form intray of doctor clicks on Followup | Save and Send SMS

The status of an unrecorded test is

Borderline is a valid investigation status

Barcodes can be generated at the time of recording result and collecting sample

If a patient has come to the clinic today and seen by Doctor1, when Doctor 2 opens his chart he will see

If a patient has come to the clinic today and seen by Nurse, then Doctor 2 opens his chart he will see

When you check out a patient in EMR

You can generate a superbill from inside the EMR

If you save a visit, can you then edit it or goto encounter date and change it

If in a visit you want to show the doctor was not one of your staff you will

Can you sms a prescription details from medical summary to someone other than the patient

Can you email prescription details from print preview to someone other than the patient

Can you save a visit which needs a consent before giving consent

Can you edit a visit which has been signed

The flag goes on or off in history based on whether

You can do a slideshow of all documents and images

On the vitals graph, you can see the

To auto open the blue top section in a current visit where you can enter date time, doctor name, attach files

Following sections have 2 different layouts, basic and advanced

To transfer patients from 1 clinic to another

Patient education material in an assessment is available

You can enable patient portal by going to

You create a clinical item, add the vital to a case sheet, use the case sheet to enter data for a patient, will the vital get graphed in medical summary

A recurring health reminder can be

Can you make the EMR auto calculate the duration based on frequency

Who can send documents to a print queue

No: generics in the world far outnumber the no: of brands n the world

A patient sees the nurse and then the doctor, both record some notes. Against the patient chart will there be 1 activity or 2 activities recorded

Can a Inventory item has more than one generic

How can a doctor write a prescription and have the front desk print it

Goals and targets are set against

Vital to be tracked can be changed for