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To send prescriptions from the EMR to Pharmacy

By default pharmacy displays

By default, when you click on a pharmacy prescription

By default, when you click on a pharmacy prescription, and then in the bill screen delete and add some items to the bill

When you bill a prescription, then for the items in the bill, it will

For homeopaths, you want to the pharmacy

When billing, you can change the pack size

When billing you can sell as per units instead of packs

In Billing, Dispensing as per Batch requires that for every inventory item

In Billing, Dispensing as per Expiry requires that

You can change the tax rate for a given inventory item in the bill

When you bill an inventory item, associated consumables are auto-billed

Pharmacy can only generate bills for prescription that a doctor has written

For external prescriptions, billing requires that a doctor name has to be given

The D icon next to an inventory item in a bill means

When an inventory item in bill has a red D icon it means

Status of prescription that has been filled out changes from Pending to

You can search for prescriptions by

Items that are not available in the Clinics Pharmacy when billed

When dispensing in homeopathy

You can set things up so that rather than seeing details of your pharmacy, you see the contents of your sister organizations pharmacy in the EMR

If you switch on Integrated Billing, in pharmacy when you bill, it will auto add