Quiz: Clinicea Cloud: Reports

Welcome to your Quiz: Clinicea Cloud: Reports

You can export reports to pdf

Every report has a summarized chart

Reports can be viewed for as long back as 10 years

Reports can be customized

Reports can be exported in excel

Reports can be exported in csv

User can sort report results by a field

Report category

User can access Report based on

What is the smaller number in each tile of dashboard is for

How to make a report your favorite

How to make a report favorite for all users of a clinic

How to delete a report

How to refresh the results of a report

How to edit the columns in a report

How to change the criteria of search in a report

Can you change whether sorting of a field can be ascending (lowest to highest) or descending (highest to lowest)

Which columns in a report will have currency symbol and formatting

If you run an SMS campaign on a report called appointments, a month ago, then you re-open the same report and click on SMS again

Option to SMS all in reports will appear