Quiz: Clinicea Cloud: Security

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Can you block a user from accessing clinicea from outside the clinic

If you set a static IP of the clinic under Security preferences, will any user outside the clinic be able to access Clinicea

By default clinicea can only be accessed via

The S in Https stands for

All information exchange between user's browser and Clinicea Cloud is

The security https certificate on the browser shows

Clinicea is hosted with

What are the different kind of categorization clinicea infrastructure has on the cloud

How many copies of the back end database SQL Azure is kept in real-time

New instances of the Clinicea servers on the cloud come online and go offline automatically based on usage

How long will a user session last before timing out if there is no activity from the user's end

Can 2 users use the same login id login at the same time?

When you click on reset password, and you get a link to rest your password in email, for how long is that link valid

A patient's or a staff's password can be seen by the admin

A patient's or a staff's password can be reset by the admin

New Roles can be created by the admin

The same role with 2 different permissions can be given 2 different staff

A Staff can have more than 1 role

On the regular (not customized) login page if there are issues that need to be reported, the user will see the email address of

On the customized login page if there are issues that need to be reported, the user will see the email address of

Can you stop a staff from giving more than predefined % of discount

If you to prevent some payments modes from updatings the patient's credit balance right away you should

If a bill is on hold can you take payment for it?

When a stock is transferred from 1 clinic to another, the stock of the sender clinic's

If user does not have permission to view others appointments, and he selects a resource which has appointment for other doctors what will  he see

Authorization works in following areas

"Edit Bill Master Data" allows

"Delete Financials" allows

Advanced Payment Options includes

You can edit bills not older than 7 days

You can edit the following fields in a bill and payment, if you have the permission "Edit Bills and Payments older than 7 days"

"Search Past Data" allows you to search

"Edit Discount" allows you to

"Update Stock Manually" allows you to

"Create New Visit" allows you to

If Edit Current Visit Layout" =OFF you can

If Include in Medical Summary=OFF

"Edit case sheet"=ON

"Edit Past Visits"=ON

"Edit EMR Master Data"=ON


"Bill Investigation Order"=ON

"Follow-up Patient"=ON

"Manage Dropdowns"=ON

"Add Item to Dropdown"=ON

"Authority to Sign Documents"=ON

The permission "Make Patient Inactive"

"Manage Print Queue"=ON

"Manage Library"=ON