Quiz: Clinicea Cloud: Staff Management, Tools, Admin, API & Misc

Welcome to your Quiz: Clinicea Cloud: Staff Management, Tools, Admin, API & Misc

URL of Clinicea cloud is

Clinicea API is accessible from

To flush DNS of a computer you should

₹ is the ________and INR is the _______

If on a computer ₹ symbol is not coming on the browser, it means

A user is by default set to the timezone in Clinicea which is as per his

If Clinicea is offline at a client's end but working at yours what all should you try

To check for new features in Clinicea

Which Option is correct

Option A. 1 circle have 2 organizations
Option B. 1 organization can have 2 circles

Which Option is correct

Option A. Staff can belong to a circle
Option B. Clinic can belong to a Circle

Clicking on the custom banner on a custom login page will take you

A client who has a custom login page and a website, On sign out will be taken to the

Custom Login page can have a custom URL which uses a non clinicea domain ex: clinicea.mywebsite.com

Can a Clinic belong to the Indian timezone, and a staff in the same clinic belong to the US timezone

Can a Calendar be on Mon-Fri, and callbox for the same clinic be on Sat-Thurs

Can a Calendar have default interval as 15 min and Callbox be on 10 min

Can you run an SMS campaign on address book

If you are working on a clinic chain account with 3 clinics and an admin user adds a new item to the dropdown for clinic 2

To delete a system value from dropdown

Is it possible to reach the ticketing portal from inside clinicea.com

Is it possible to change the Clinicea logo on the menu after logging in

If a user forgets his  sign-on email, what should he do

1 staff can open the profile of the other

A staff can open the Organization details and edit details and preferences

When you delete a staff

The top level menu options in clincea are

If you change the clinic logo in Organization details, will it also change the customized login link of the client

Can the break hours of the staff be different than the break hours of the clinic

Can the working hour of the staff be different than the working hours of the clinic

Whose documents need not be signed

If Signing is on, then following work of the nurse will be sent to the doctor signing