Quiz: EMR

Welcome to your Quiz: EMR

EMR stands for

Set the Order in which the Doctor handles a New Patient Visit

PHR stands for

A nurse can do the following

History is usually taken on

List various kinds of History supported in Clinicea

ROS stands for

CC Stands for

HPI is always associated with

HPI stands for

When a Doctor calls a patient back for a second visit on a particular date it is called

Rx is also referred to as


  1. Doctor _____________ investigations
  2. Doctor ______________ medications

Patient complains of fever of and chills and that he is diabetic. Categorize the way a doctor will write it in his notes

Triage means,

BMI stands for

BMI is used to measure

BMI needs following vitals to work

Normal BMI range for an adult is

Unit of measurement for Pulse is

Normal range for Pulse rate for an adult is

RR stands for

Unit of measurement for RR is

Normal range for RR in an adult is

When measuring BMI,

  1. if weight is in pounds, height should be in
  2. if weight is in kgs, height should be in

When a child is given periodic shots to protect against common diseases such as Polio, the process is called

Obstetrics History is recorded for

POH stands for

Medical History can be

POH deals with

Common Coding system for Surgical History is

Coding system used for Immunization in US is

Common Coding for Rx is

Common Coding for Assessment is

Assessment is also called

ICD10-CM stands for

ICD10-PCS stands for

Chief Complaint is

Assessment is

Which statement is the most accurate way to complete the sentence below. Radiology is a kind of ______________

Another name for EMR is

Obstectric history would inform a Doctor about

Oxygen Saturation measures

SpO2 normal range is

Blood oxygen level is also called

What is another name for Pulse Rate

Vitals include

Blood Pressure is written as

If your BP is 140/90 it means

Diastolic and Systolic are both types of

The age of the baby inside a mother's womb is called

Fetal age is measured in

A pregnancy is split into

LMP is used to calculate

If LMP and USG Date, both are given, which should be used to calculate Fetal Age

Gravida refers to the number of times

Which one of the GPA has been written incorrectly

Parity refers to the number of times

What is a formulary

Brand is to generic as

Penicillin is a

A brand can have more than 1 generic

Clinics using Clinicea have the following options of Formularies to choose from

The generic list of drugs Clinicea provides has ______ brands

Composition of brand and generic are same.

Painkillers are prescribed as

For a heart patient, Aspirin has to be taken 1 tablet daily. A doctor will therefore prescribe Aspirin

Often when a doctor prescribes a brand he also wants to see the ______________ and wants it to appear on the prescription

In several countries prescribing a brand is not allowed. Doctors can only prescribe ____________

Take Crocin (Paracetamol) 500 mg, 2 tabs, 1-1, for the next 3 months.

Check on all options that are correct.

Select the correct statements

__________ is the number of times a prescription can be used by a pharmacist to fill out a prescription

Another name for a Patient consult is

Care plans that require chronic patients to be called in by the Clinic at regular intervals is called

Select all statements that are correct

Following section are copied over the Patient's next visit

Difference between formulary and formulation

What is medical coding

HMO stands for

Co-Pay is

PCP stands for

The head of the patient family who signs up to the HMO is also called

Capitation fee is