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A patient took the LHR Package of 6 Service sessions (Rs 150 for each service) and paid for the complete package. After consuming 2 sessions, the Patient decides to discontinue this package. The clinic staff cancel’s the package by charging a penalty of Rs 150. What is the Advance amount left against the Patient? Explain your answer with complete reasoning.

Client Require parents to register their children using 3 names because some communities here have the same 1st two names.

Inventory Name: Brintop F was added with Dispense Method set to Expiry. It has 2 batches. “Batch A Qty = 15 and Expiry date is Aug 2024”, “Batch B Qty = 35 and Expiry date is Sept 2023” 1 patient was Billed for 10 Qty of this inventory. Now tell me what is the Qty left in Batch A and Batch B

Clinic Staff created a Bill on 12 Sept 2022 with 1 service of Rs 5,000 and took complete payment on the same date. On 14 Sept 2022 Clinic staff has cancelled the Bill and created a new Bill with the date of 14 Sept 2022 and this time the Bill total is 4,500. From the Advance amount, the clinic staff has paid off this new Bill. What is the Transaction Date on the payment receipt?

On the morning of 14th, the manager is checking balances of the previous day. She finds that their previous day's cash box shows a collection of 10,000 but the Clinicea dashboard shows a collection of 11,000. They rechecked and realised one of the payment was incorrectly entered as 2,000, instead of 1,000. They contact you for help. How will you fix it.