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  • 7 steps to nirvana in appointment management

    A patient’s encounter lifecycle starts when an appointment is booked and typically it ends when the encounter is complete and they checkout of the clinic. Today, clinics have automated and smart schedulers for the management of this appointment lifecycle. The most common stages of this lifecycle would start with an appointment being Scheduled and then […]

  • 3 inside tips to maximize appointment resource utilization

    What is an Appointment Resource? A Resource with respect to a clinic can be classified as an asset that can be drawn/utilized by the clinic in order to function effectively. In a dermatology clinic, a resource can be the clinic staff, the different rooms available at your disposal like consultation rooms, procedure rooms, etc., or […]

  • 3 Ways to supercharge your clinic waiting room

    ‘First impression is often the last impression’  – surely you have heard that one before. For your practice, that makes your “Waiting Room” the first touch point, the first impression before your Patients. Let us see the basic challenges faced while managing a Waiting room and how we can overcome them with the help of […]

  • Convert no-shows into revenue without lifting a finger

    Every Clinic that you can think of will have this on their schedule – Appointments that are marked as a NO SHOW. So what is a NO SHOW – An appointment is booked but the patient fails to turn up and this can be for many unforeseen reasons. This is something unavoidable and if you […]