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  • Price Doctors have to pay for Free EMR

    Nothing in life is free. In spite of knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch – you will often find clinics signing up to a clinic management system that has no licensing or subscription fee. Ever wonder how such EMR companies make their living? Here are a few of the revenue […]

  • Desktop EMR Pricing, a descent into the snake pit

    Figuring out the real pricing of EMR is like a game of catch 20. The thing is you do not know you are playing the game when buying an EMR. I will share with you the right questions to ask and win the game.   Database License and Limits Most desktop solutions come with database […]

  • 4 questions to ask before buying a Prescription Writing Software

    Prescription Printout is the report card of your prescription writing software. It needs to be perfect because it is the only tangible output, for your Patients, from your EMR. Here are 5 questions to ask before buying a Prescription writing software.   1.      Intelligence – it must understand the negatives from the positives You often […]