Desktop EMR Pricing, a descent into the snake pit

Figuring out the real pricing of EMR is like a game of catch 20. The thing is you do not know you are playing the game when buying an EMR. I will share with you the right questions to ask and win the game.


Database License and Limits

Most desktop solutions come with database limits. Once your total database size hits that mark, you will be faced with a very, very stiff bill. The limit is usually a large number (4 Gigabytes for SQL Server 2005 Express), but what is a large number for a clinic with 2 users may not be so large for a Clinic with 10+ users. DICOM Imaging, Videos, before and after High resolution images, geo spatial data, aggregation from multiple devices into a single data store are rapid advancements in technology that are hurtling your clinics closer towards such limits. As technology progresses so does such caps on the database size, however the point of concern is lack of transparency. Most vendors do not mention such limits on their product literature, and Doctors are left in the dark. Next time when presented with a quote, specifically, ask

  1. Which database do you use
  2. Is it a free one
  3. What is the database size limit
  4. How much does it cost to upgrade to the next edition


Hardware Costs

Sometimes after the purchase of a desktop EMR solution you find the performance to be sluggish. Upon contacting the Vendor you are told that the hardware needs an upgrade. It can be usually be fixed by adding more RAM to your computer. But sometimes the requirements of the EMR software are so high that you need to buy a new computer. Often you will find that the desktop EMR software cannot run on netbooks – the lower edition of laptops. Hardware can become an add-on cost. You can avoid this by asking the vendor to provide the minimum recommended configuration upfront, or better get the vendor to assess the hardware the clinic. Ask these questions to figure out hardware costs

  1. What is the minimum hardware configuration required
  2. Does it run on netbooks
  3. What is the recommended RAM
  4. Does it run on a 64 bit operating systems (lets you know if you need to buy a your operating system license)


Customizations Charges

“Desktop EMR” are not well known for being flexible to change. That is a term you are more likely to associate with Web based or Cloud based EMR’s. Customization are usually not possible or comes with a heavy customization charges. You must insist on a 1 week trial edition so that you can install it, use it and have a list of all the changes that are required. Otherwise you would either be unable to use the software due to lack of support for your workflows and loose your investment, OR, be faced with a high customization bill from the vendor. Find out

  1. What is cost per man-day of development for customizations
  2. What is the AMC per year
  3. Does AMC include minor customizations

Do add in below, any other experiences you have had with pricing of EMR products. I would love to get your feedback on the article

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