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  • Top 3 EMR Providers of Telehealth in India

    On-call Doctor services have gained popularity in developed markets, due to better technology available for TeleHealth platforms. It allows for a doctor to have a consultation over Video Calling, or VOIP (Voice Over IP – a technology that bypasses traditional telecom copper lines, to connect you over voice or video using the internet). In India, […]

  • How Goliath lost to David in race to the best Clinic Management solution- Part III

    In Part II of How Goliath lost to David in the race for the best Clinic Management solution, you saw how clinic management solution providers in India compromised on their pricing to get hold of the market. While those companies would eventually falter, and such plans would eventually reveal to the riders that your data can […]

  • How Goliath lost to David in race to the best Clinic Management Solution- Part II

    The Indian market simply by virtue of coming late to the party had skipped through the perils, cost, and complexity of integration, and benefited with full-bodied unified products that were far more cost-effective and simple. However, India faced its own set of challenges, as EMR remained largely the stepson, with companies gravitating towards appointment booking, […]

  • How Goliath lost to David in race to the best Clinic Management Solution- Part I

    An EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is software that you as a Physician would use to prescribe medications, order investigations, schedule follow-ups, write medical certificates and more. However, an EMR is not to be confused with only prescription writing software. It does help with prescription writing, but that is only a subset of what it can […]

  • Brand vs Generic? Why not have both

    [Guest post by clinicea – cloud software for clinic management] In India, a lot of news is being made about the changed regulation, which makes it mandatory for Practitioners to put the name of Generics on prescriptions and not Brands. Contradictory media reports are not of much help. In this article, I will take you […]

  • Healthcare Industries: contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility by going Green

    The aim of this blog is to reach out to individuals, SMEs, clinic chains and hospitals to lend a hand in the betterment of our environment, and society and saving the planet. Concerns about our deteriorating social and geographical environment have gained popularity in recent times. Global Warming, Deforestation, Oil Spills; you name it! Our […]

  • How can a EMR make you, the patient, healthy

    [Guest post by clinicea – cloud software for clinic management] In the past, when you relocated, trying to get your health records to a new doctor was a near-impossible task. Many of us did not have the clarity or resources to accomplish this so we ended up filling out forms about our history, including previous […]

  • How use of EMRs by Doctors end up helping Patients

    Doctors undertake the Hippocratic Oath, to help the patients to the best of their ability. While the basic needs of the Patients off the Doctor remains unchanged, the expectations of the patients from their Doctors have indeed changed significantly over the last decade. Our world has been radically changed through technology – smartphones, tablets, and […]

  • EMR’s in Kenya – OpenMRS vs Clinicea 2

    [Guest post by clinicea – cloud software for clinic management] Which is better? OpenMRS OpenMRS is a patient-centric application, meaning data is captured about interactions between a health care provider and a patient. If you primarily intend to capture data about something other than the patient (for example, about lab specimens), you should consider other […]

  • EMR’s in Kenya – OpenMRS vs Clinicea 1

    [Guest post by clinicea – cloud software for clinic management] Healthcare software has seen unprecedented development in IT-related products that have closely matched the general trend in the industry. Software is used in areas like patient care, nursing, pharmacy, public health or clinical trials and research. The most common practical appliances of this technological advancement […]