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  • Being on a Cloud EMR, makes me safe. You are wrong!

    Being on Cloud EMR is better than being on a Web EMR, and even better than using a desktop EMR. However just because you are on the Cloud does not make you safe. This article will get your hands dirty and go a little deep and technical. However, if you stay with me all the […]

  • Ransomware is coming to your Clinic, are you prepared?

    [Guest post by clinicea – cloud software for clinic management] Ransomware is a malicious software. It is operated by a bunch of criminals to make money off you. Before you brush this off as mumbo-jumbo technical stuff that is not relevant to you, let me explain why you would be terribly wrong. It no longer […]

  • Healthcare Industries: contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility by going Green

    The aim of this blog is to reach out to individuals, SMEs, clinic chains and hospitals to lend a hand in the betterment of our environment, and society and saving the planet. Concerns about our deteriorating social and geographical environment have gained popularity in recent times. Global Warming, Deforestation, Oil Spills; you name it! Our […]

  • How can a EMR make you, the patient, healthy

    [Guest post by clinicea – cloud software for clinic management] In the past, when you relocated, trying to get your health records to a new doctor was a near-impossible task. Many of us did not have the clarity or resources to accomplish this so we ended up filling out forms about our history, including previous […]

  • Born in the Cloud – Born to Win

    So you just signed up for a new Clinic Management Platform. Great, the sales team of the software vendor has managed another 99 clinics to sign up this month. Assuming 6 people per clinic that’s 600 additional users who are going to hit the login button in the peak hour traffic at the same time. […]

  • Inventory 101 for Pharmacists

    What is inventory? The term inventory refers to a complete list of tangible assets such as stock of goods on hand, merchandise, raw materials, equipment and products within an organization for which the ultimate purpose is resale. However, within a pharmacy, all saleable items are considered inventory. Inventory costs are one of the largest costs […]

  • Appointment Scheduling Demystified

    A Medical Practice Management Software (PMS) is a type of software designed to manage and perform daily operational tasks within a healthcare organisation. The main purpose of using a PMS within a medical practice is to be effective, efficient and accurate. There are several types of PMS available in the market today, ranging from basic […]

  • 4 ways to get Practice Managment Software to yield Higher Profits

    Practice Management systems come with a host of features and workflow enhancements. However, the true test of a great system is the Clinic’s bottom line. Can your system increase new patient footfall, reduce no-shows, effectively manage your inventory, kick-start new revenue streams and give you higher profit for the existing operations? I will explore with […]

  • 5 Questions to ask your EMR Vendor about IT Infrastructure

    When buying a house, the location, the open space, community area, and interiors, all together combine and go towards the decision to purchase. However, even if everything else ticks the right boxes, would you ever consider buying a house, and putting your family under a roof, where the structural integrity is questionable?   Why do […]

  • How use of EMRs by Doctors end up helping Patients

    Doctors undertake the Hippocratic Oath, to help the patients to the best of their ability. While the basic needs of the Patients off the Doctor remains unchanged, the expectations of the patients from their Doctors have indeed changed significantly over the last decade. Our world has been radically changed through technology – smartphones, tablets, and […]